When Mobile Grooming is NOT a Good Fit

Mobile grooming is a revolutionary way of giving pet owner’s back their time, and serving pets where they are in a fully equipped private salon.  Despite its strengths, mobile grooming isn’t a good fit for everyone. If you aren’t sure if mobile grooming is the right fit for you, this article will let you know!

The Pennypincher

If you are looking for the cheapest deal in town on grooming then mobile grooming is not for you.  Mobile grooming service pricing runs higher than brick-and-mortar salons because it is a different service.  The cost of bringing a private salon to your doorstep will never be less than you driving to a salon. 

Mobile grooming is a private, one-on-one grooming appointment where the pet is serviced straight through.  Pets know that they are home and are more comfortable and safe in an environment without any distractions.  The cost is well worth it for the extra attention and convenience, but if you’re looking for the lowest price regardless of other factors, then a stationary salon will be able to get you the best price.

Severe Arthritis/Hip Dysplasia

Many pet owners think that if their pet has arthritis or hip dysplasia that they would be better off with a faster service so their pet isn’t left at the salon all day.  However, many stationary salons give the dogs long breaks between parts of the service (while they work on other pets).  These long breaks give dogs with severe arthritis or hip dysplasia a chance to rest.  That way the pet is only standing for a chunk of the grooming service at a time.  

With mobile grooming the dogs are groomed straight through. While we work with the dog’s comfort in mind, we aren’t able to give them the long breaks that are common in stationary salons. For smaller dogs it’s not a big concern because their whole groom is about an hour, but for large dogs with severe joint pain they may find it difficult to stand for 1.5 – 2 hours for their full bath, dry and haircut.

Sedated Grooming

Pets that have been turned away from stationary salons due to aggression or other excessive behavior that prevents them from being groomed safely are often recommended a sedated groom.  These grooms are best performed at a veterinarian office so that they can monitor the pet.

Pets often do better in a mobile salon than a stationary salon because they are in a more peaceful environment without distractions.  They also can be rehabilitated toward grooming more easily in a one-on one environment. However, if a dog couldn’t be groomed in a stationary salon due to their behavior there’s a chance that their behavior has become too erratic for grooming without a sedative. Keep in mind that many mobile groomers work alone so they might not have a second person to assist them like a shop would.

The Groom and Shop

Sometimes pet owners schedule a groom when they plan to be gone for many hours at a time (running errands, or going on a date night).  This is a great way to use up the many hours that your pet would be at a stationary grooming shop, but with mobile grooming the pet is usually done in an hour or so (for small-medium breeds). The pet can’t be left with the groomer all day, because mobile groomers only work on pets from one household at a time.

For at least the first groom you’ll want to be home for the duration of the groom to be clear with the groomer what you’re looking for, and that the groom matches what you tried describe.  If it’s your pet’s second groom (or later) with the stylist then you may opt to go out and ask the groomer to lock up when the groom is done. 

Whether you stay home during later grooms or not, you’ll need to have a plan in place for how to get the groomer access to the pet, and how they can let the pet back inside if you’re away. 

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