Meet the Groomer

Lucas Kempen – “I use gentle handling techniques to work with each pet. I see grooming not only as a health requirement, but also as a way of honoring pets and thanking them for their service in our life by helping them to feel and look their best.”

Lucas and his Sheltie (Basil)

Lucas been grooming professionally since 2015. Early on he received cat and dog grooming certifications from PetSmart’s grooming academies. In 2021, Lucas received the Feline Safety Grooming Certification from Barkleigh Productions, Inc and was in the top 5 of Opawz’s International Pride competition for creative grooming according to the judges.

Heather Elizabeth

Heather has been in the pet service industry field for 4 years and grooming for 3. She has 4 dogs and her favorite part of grooming is building a relationship with the dogs and families she gets to work with!

Samantha (Sam) Mackay –

Sam has been working in the grooming field for 3 years. She has 4 fur babies at home: 1 dog, 2 cats and 1 rabbit. She is also a mother of 2. Through being a mother to children and animals, Sam has found a lot of patience and love! She enjoys getting to spend quality one on one time with her fluffy clients and building a strong, trusting bond; All while finding out their likes and dislikes!

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