What is Mobile Grooming?

“A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.”

Mahatma Ghandi

Been to a grooming shop before? Have you ever wondered why you had to drive your pet to the groomer?  Or why it took 3-4 hours (or longer) before you could pick your pet back up again?  Plus, why do dogs get so anxious to go to the groomer?

To understand mobile grooming, first you need to know what the standard grooming process is like at a brick-and-mortar shop.  (Click “I know,” to skip ahead


The Grooming Shop Experience

First you call to set up an appointment for your pet.  Often the appointment is set for right after work, or over your lunch break if you have a short commute. 

The day of your pup’s appointment, you rush to take them out potty, then jump into the car.  You hit traffic along the way to the shop and are starting to run late. (Sound familiar?) When you arrive, you’re stressed and your dog is mirroring that anxiety. 

You arrive in a waiting area and take a seat.  There may be other owners and dogs in the waiting area already being checked in.  Once it’s your turn to check in, they have a mountain-load of papers to sign. You hand your pup off and you’re told you’ll get a call in 2-4 hours. 2-4 hours!

There are a few common scheduling time-frames for standard grooming shops.  However, the most common type of scheduling is block scheduling which takes 2-4 hours for a groom.  Some shops have even longer waiting times and ask that a dog be dropped off and left for the whole day.  

With the industry-standard scheduling, a dog is checked in and then they sit in a cage for a while.  Meanwhile, other dogs are barking in the kennels and dryers are blaring.  Groomers are frantically rushing back and forth to check in and check out other pets from the waiting area.

How long your pup waits to begin their groom varies. When they are finally pulled out of the kennel, the next step may be some prep work (nails, ears, mat removal), and their bath.  They’re toweled off and then sit in the kennel again: this time with a fan on them.  

While the pup is waiting, the groomer is working on 2 or more other dogs. Some time later, your dog is pulled out and groomed in an hour or less.  Then you’re called for pickup.

This lengthy process is very inconvenient for people with a busy schedule, people with kids, introverts, and anyone who values their time.

Grooming in a shop is also highly stressful for dogs with anxiety, dogs that are fearful or protective towards other dogs, senior pets, puppies, dogs with car-sickness, dogs with separation anxiety, dogs that aren’t accustomed to being crated, dogs who have health issues that require monitoring, and dogs who would just rather be sleeping on the couch at home for an extra few hours than be stuck in a steel kennel at the shop, waiting to be groomed.

Luckily, there are other options! Mobile grooming can address these issues by giving a customized, one-on-one experience for your pet.


Mobile Grooming

In mobile grooming, the expectations are turned upside down.  We recognize that your time is valuable and don’t make you drive your pet across town or wait in line to be checked in.  

We come to your doorstep and schedule one-on-one time with your pet.  You can relax at home, or cross something else off your to-do list. We take care of the rest!

Your dog never drives anywhere. A groomer greets you at your front door and reviews the groom you would like. Then the groomer walks your pup out to their van or trailer to get started.

Your pup strides into a fully-equipped private salon—exclusively for them.  Nails are trimmed, ears cleaned, coat brushed, they’re bathed, have their coat blown out, and a haircut. Finally, they head back inside to show off their new ‘do! 

Since your pet is the only pet worked on during their grooming appointment, they get the groomer’s full attention.  It’s a soothing environment and most pets are comfortably groomed in 1-2 hours or less (an hour for routine small dogs, and a bit longer for thick coats, or matted pets).

Your dog gets to skip the car ride and get back to their dog life sooner! Unlike a shop, they never interact with any other pets, so they stay safe and focused for their groom. They aren’t crated, and are monitored by their stylist for the full grooming process.

3 thoughts on “What is Mobile Grooming?

  1. Hi! I’m on the border of Romulus/Van Buren (just south of i-94, near Haggerty), do you service our area? We have a shepherd mix (Anatolian Shepherd) rescue. He’s about 4 years old and about 65 pounds. Can you let me know an estimate for shampoo/conditioner, drying, nail trim, and ear cleaning?


  2. The first and last time I used your service I was very Happy with the results of Mookee and Amee. I will continue to use your service. Sincerely.


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